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Know the CS Full form with all the Details

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cs full form

Are you the one looking for the CS full form? Then your search is surely over here. In this article, I have explained in detailed information about the Company Secretary.

Company Secretary is a renowned degree to earn just like a Chartered Account. To achieve this renowned degree you need rigorous efforts and hard work. With hard, you also need proper guidance. Here is your direction to proper guidance. Let us get started.

About CS

Recently the corporate world is shaken due to various reasons. Because of this, the shareholders have lost their confidence in investing through shares. It has become important for the company to retain its stakeholders and build the trust most them. But who will build the confidence and trust among the stakeholders?

The top-level management is busy running the company. The CS takes the responsibility of building trust among the stakeholders. Some specialized professionals are appointed in the companies to tackle these problems. The skilled professionals are called company secretaries. The company secretary plays a very vital role in the organization. The company secretary suggests a solution to very crucial matters. A company cannot run smoothly without a company secretary.

Full form of CS

CS Stands for nothing but a Company Secretary. A company secretary is a skilled professional appointed for the smooth functioning of the company auto corporate organization.

ICSI stands for institute of company secretary in India. To become a CS the candidate first has to be e a member of ICSI. Then only one is eligible for all the exams and after cracking all the exams candidate can become a CS.

The exam is conducted twice a year in June and December. The fees for the foundation program are Rs.4500/-. The qualifying marks for the foundation intermediate and final are to secure a minimum of 40% marks in each paper and an aggregate of 50% marks in all the subjects.

CS Full formDetails

cs  full form

Eligibility Criteria

To become CS there is a set of Eligibility Criteria to apply for the exam. To apply for the exam you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria as listed below.

Educational Qualification

To become a company secretary the candidate has to pass the 10+2 class.

To become our company secretary the candidate has to pass three stages. The three stages to becoming a company secretary are listed below.

  • Foundation
  • Intermediate
  • Final

1. Foundation Course

The candidate first has to register for the foundation course after passing the 12th standard. The foundation courses of 8 months. A candidate can apply for the foundation course many times but it is a compulsion that he should pass the foundation exam within the three years of admission for the course. The graduates and the postgraduates excluding the fine arts students can directly enroll in the intermediate exam without appearing for the foundation course. It is an examination that is given to graduate and postgraduate students.

2. Intermediate

Passing the foundation course the candidate is eligible for the intermediate course.

3. Final

After clearing the intermediate stage the candidate is qualified for the final level of the CS course.

Articleship (Training)

The internship program plays a very vital role at the time of the intermediate and final level of the company secretary Course. It is a compulsion that a candidate should undergo through an articleship program and it has no option.

Practical training is a must and necessary after intermediate and final levels.

Passing all the three levels of the CS program that is foundation intermediate and final and successful completion of the training that is article share a candidate is eligible to become associate company secretary.

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The Job Role of Company Secretary

Company Registar

A Company Registar plays a vital role in the organization of a company.

Legal advisor

Any form of company disputes or issues that are raised on regular basis, for instance, the company secretary acts as a legal advisor. Secretary is most aware of the corporate laws, securities, and statuary directives. Through such vast knowledge it legally properly directs the company.

Chief Administrative Officer

The chief administrative officer was responsible for the admin operation of the company. He is responsible for the confidential data and documents of the company.

Corporate Planner

The corporate planner plays a vital role in expanding the opportunities with challenges for the future of the company. These are the people who make the most important decisions regarding joint ventures collaborations takeovers within the company itself or outside the company.

Principal Secretary

The principal secretary is responsible to manage the various types of meetings. Then let it be the board meetings, annual general meetings all the meetings with any other officials or private organizations.

Corporate Policymaker

The corporate policy maker plays a vital role to plan the short-term and long-term objectives and policies for the company. To revise the policy from time to time is also the responsibility of the corporate policymaker.

Member of the Board Of Director

The company secretary is also appointed as one of the members of the board of directors. The decision is taken so that the company secretary can provide expert advice and can direct all the other members of the organization.

Miscellaneous Responsibilities

Accept all the roles that are mentioned above the company secretary is also responsible for other duties regarding the tax, filing of the tax, and assessment of the tax.

Career Scope for Company Secretary

The qualified associate company secretary can get a job in the public as well as private sectors. The company secretary can also get a job and has a vast career scope in many other corporate institutions, institutions, and banks. Company secretaries are a must in government departments and departments of the company of affairs.

After a good training in company secretary, the candidate can even open had his consultancy. The candidate has to first acquire the certificate of practice.

A company secretary can be a lecturer for a visiting faculty in different institutes of a company secretary.

Salary of Company Secretary

The company secretary is a must for the smooth working of any organization. Secretary also orders part of the top-level management. Top-level companies pay very good packages to the company secretary. With the experience, the salary of a company secretary also increases. The salary for a fresher company secretary starts from 3 lakh per annum.

Books & Study Material

Economic and commercial laws by Tejpal Seth

CS Executive company law by NS Zad

Company law by Sangeet Kedia

Cost and Management accounting by NS Zad

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To conclude, this was all about CS full form. Hope I have covered all the details and was able to resolve all your queries regarding the Company secretary. Yet any more queries ask me by commenting in the comment box. I will get back to you with an answer.

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