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How to Become a Homeopathic Doctor in India

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How to Become a Homeopathic Doctor in India

Are you looking for a How to become a Homeopathic Doctor in India? If yes, then this article will be of great help for you to get all the updates about the course. This article covers all the relevant information like roles and responsibilities, courses to pursue, job opportunities, career scop, best college to get admission in graduation or post-graduation, salary, and Eligibility Criteria to be a Homeopathic Doctor in India. 

Being a doctor is more pride and honor as people think of them as a God who helps them to heal from their health issues.

What is Homeopathy

Homeopathy is all about providing natural medicine to heal the illness. The word Homeopathy has come from Greek words “Homeo” means similar and “Pathos” means treatment. A Homeopathic Doctor has to find out the reason behind the illness and provide proper medicines for the same. These are the alternative source of medication was developed by Sri Samuel Hahnemann.

In general, Homeopathic treatment takes a way longer time to cure the illness without any side-effect. Homeopathic medicines are made up of plants, animals, herbs, vegetables, and minerals. Few amounts of such things are added either with distilled water or alcohol to prescribe the patients. 

About Homeopathic Doctor

Homeopathic Doctors are those who provide medication through Homeopathy. Their responsibility is to look at the illness very precisely and advise accordingly. The natural process is used to stimulate the curing process. 

Role & Responsibilities of a Homeopathic Doctor

The responsibility of a Homeopathic Doctor is to ask in detail about the illness or study the case in detail before providing the treatment.

  • He/She should be kind and caring towards the patient.
  • He/She should be good at communication with the patient.
  • He/She should have good listening skills so that they can patience fully harken the patient’s word.

Homeopathy Course in India

The Homeopathy courses after 10th that you can pursue to be a Homeopathic doctor are listed below.

Courses Duration Fees
Diploma in Electro-Homeopathy 1 year Rs 1-1.5 lakhs per annum
Diploma in Homeopathic Medicines and Surgery (DHMS) 1 year Rs 50k-1 lakhs per annum
Certificate Course in Electro Homeopathy 3 months Rs 20k-30k
Certificate in Homeopathic Dispensing (CHD) 3 months Rs 30k-35k
Certificate Course in Homeopathic Medicinal System (CHMS) 1 year Rs 50k-1 lakhs per annum
Certificate Course in Clinical Homeopathy 6 months Rs 30k-70k
Certificate Course in Homeopathy and Health sciences 3 months RS 30k- 80k
M.D. (Hom) Case Taking and Repertorisation 2 years Rs 2-3 lakhs per annum
M.D. (Hom) Pharmacy 2 years Rs 2-3.5 lakhs per annum
M.D (Hom) Materia Medica 2 years Rs 2-2.5 lakhs per annum
M.Sc Clinical Research 2 years Rs 2-4 lakhs per annum
M.D (Hom) Organon of Medicine and Philosophy 2 years Rs 2-3 lakhs per annum
M.Sc Medical Biochemistry 2 years Rs 2-5 lakhs per annum
M.D. (Hom) Paediatrics 2 years Rs 2-3.5 lakhs per annum
M.Sc Medical Anatomy 2 years Rs 2-4 lakhs per annum
M.Sc Applied Psychology 2 years Rs 2-5 lakhs per annum
M.D. (Hom) Practice of Medicine   2 years Rs 2.5-4 lakhs per annum
M.Sc Human Genome 2 years Rs 2-4.4 lakhs per annum
M.D. (Hom) Psychiatry 2 years Rs 2-3.5 lakhs per annum
M.Sc Health Sciences and Yoga Therapy 2 years Rs 1.5-3 lakhs per annum
M.Sc Epidemiology 2 years Rs 2-3 lakhs per annum
PGDM Acupuncture 1 year Rs 90k per annum
PGDM Preventive and Promotive Health Care 1 year Rs 50k-90k per annum
PGDM Clinical Diabetology 1 year Rs 70k-90k per annum
PGDM Holistic Health Care 1 year Rs 1l lakhs-1.5 lakhs per annum
PGDM Diabetes Mellitus 1 year Rs 90k-1 lakhs per annum

Specialization in Homeopathy

As a Homeopathic Doctor, you can choose a specialization in either of the course as listed below.

  • Skin Specialist
  • Homeopathic Pharmacy
  • Psychiatry
  • Infertility and Sex Specialist
  • Pediatrics

How to become a Homeopathic Doctor in India

How to Become a Homeopathic Doctor in India

Eligibility Criteria

To become a Homeopathic Doctor you need to qualify for some eligibility criteria. They are listed as follows.

Age Limit

To pursue the course of Homeopathic Doctor you should be 17+ years old.

Skills Required

As a Homeopathic Doctor, you should have some skills to guide patients and advise them accordingly. 

Communication Skill Critical skill
Service Orientation Skill Have to work for long hours
Communicate with patients and gain their trust. Punctual and dedicated
Perseverance Must have the potential to prescribe medicines
Time Management Skill Must be caring and kind to the patient
Good Listening Skill Must be good in identifying health issues
Interpersonal Skill Diagnosis Skill
Must have Problem-Solving capability Must have proper knowledge about the combination of the medicine.

Educational Qualification

Educational Qualification Required Percentage
12th Class The candidate needs to score an aggregate of 50% mark.
Graduation The candidate needs to score an aggregate of 55% mark.

Entrance Exam

Here are the lists of Entrance exams to be a Homeopathic doctor in India.

  • Kerala Engineering, Agriculture and Medical (KEAM)
  • National Eligibility Cum Entrance Test (NEET)
  • Indraprastha University Common Entrance Test (IPU CET)
  • Punjab University Common Entrance Test (PUCET)
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Common Entrance Test (BVP CET)


The syllabus of the course is mentioned below that you have to study in this four- and half-year tenure.

Initial 1 ½ Year 

  • Anatomy, Histology, and Embryology
  • Psychology
  • Homeopathic Pharmacy
  • Physiology including Biochemistry
  • Principles of Homoeopathic Philosophy
  • Homeopathic Materia Medica
  • The practice of Medicine and Homeo Therapeutics

Next 1 Year

  • Forensic Medicine and Toxicology
  • Pathology, and Microbiology including Bacteriology, Virology, and Parasitology 
  • Homoeopathic Materia Medica
  • Surgery including Homeo Therapeutic, Eye, ENT, and Dental 
  • Principle of Homeopathic Philosophy and Organon of Medicine

Third Part that is also of 1 Year 

  • Homoeopathic Materia Medica
  • Surgery including ENT, Homeo Therapeutics, Ophthalmology and Dental
  • Principles of Homeopathic Philosophy and Organon of Medicine
  • The Practice of Medicine and Homeo Therapeutics
  • Obstetrics, Homeo Therapeutics and, Gynaecology Infant Care

Fourth Part that is also of 1Year 

  • Organon of Medicine
  • Community Medicine
  • Repertory
  • Homoeopathic Materia Medical

About Admission Process

To get admission to the desired college you have to crack the entrance exam held by the Government or by the Universities themselves. After cracking the Entrance Exam, your rank will help you decide to which college you can get admission. Choose wisely which entrance exam you have to appear to get enroll in the course.   

Complete your course that is of four and a half or five years and get hired by the top recruiters to make use of your knowledge and practice. 

Books & Study Material

As a Homeopathic Doctor, you have to follow such books to gain knowledge.

  • Principles of Anatomy and Physiology by the author Gerard J. Tortora and Sandra Reynolds Grabowski
  • Homeopathy: The Complete Handbook by the author K.P.S. Dhama
  • Wonders of a Single Dose in Homoeopathy: 2nd Edition by the author Dr. K.D. Kanodia
  • Group Study in Homeopathic Materia Medica by the author J.D. Patil

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Job Description of a Homeopathic Doctor 


After completing your degree in Homeopathy, you can opt for a lecturer post to teach and guide students to understand things easily.


You can be a doctor and prescribe medicines to the patient as per the symptoms.

Private Practice

You can have your clinic medicate patients.

Medical Assistant

He/she can assist the main doctor to provide treatment and take care of the patients.


You can also be a consultant and guide patients to refer which doctor and what is the next process to be done.


As a pharmacist, your job will be to provide medicines to the patients as prescribed by the doctor.


As a Homeopathic Doctor, you can be in the research field and write case studies to provide more pieces of information to the freshers.

Public Health Specialist

They will guide you on how to keep your health fit and fine.


They will provide you therapy as per the symptoms and health issues faced by the patients.

Career Scope for a Homeopathic Doctor

As a Homeopathic Doctor, you can have a career opportunity in India as well as abroad. You can either choose to have a private clinic or work in the government sector to make proper use of your knowledge. You can even work in the research sector and make case studies that will help students to acquire more knowledge.

Best Recruiters in India

The best recruiters to hire Homeopathic Doctors are mentioned below.

  • Medical colleges
  • Training institutes
  • Research institutes
  • Charitable institutions
  • Dispensaries
  • Clinic
  • Government/ private hospitals
  • Life science industries
  • Homeopathic medicine store
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Consultancies
  • Nursing home
  • Healthcare community

Homeopathy Doctor Salary in India

The Salary of Homeopathic Doctors differs from post to post. Salary of some of the sectors is mentioned below.

Post Sector Salary in INR
Junior Homeopathic Doctor Private Hospital Rs 20,000-25,000 per month
Senior Homeopathic Doctor Government Hospital Rs 40,000-50,000 per month
Junior Homeopathic Doctor Government Hospital Rs 25,000-35,000 per annum

Top Colleges in India for Graduation

The top colleges to pursue the Graduation in Homeopathic In India are listed below. 

  • ANSS Homeo Medical College
  • Bakson Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital
  • Anushree Homeopathic Medical College
  • Dr. D Y Patil Vidyapeeth
  • Baba Farid University of Health Sciences
  • Government Medical College and Hospital
  • Guru Gobind Singh Indraprastha University
  • Bharati Vidyapeeth Deemed University
  • Jayoti Vidyapeeth Women’s University
  • Dr. BR Sur Homeopathic Medical College 
  • Janardan Rai Nagar Rajasthan Vidyapeeth University
  • Maharashtra University of Health Sciences 
  • Dr Abhin Chandra Homeopathic Medical College
  • Kerala University of Health Sciences   
  • Dr. NTR University of Health Sciences 
  • Nehru Homeopathic Medical College and Hospital
  • YBN University
  • National Institute of Homeopathy
  • Government Homeopathic Medical College
  • Maharaja’s Institute of Medical Sciences
  • Madhav University
  • Yenepoya University
  • RKDF University
  • Vinayaka Mission University
  •  Parul University

Top Colleges in India for Post-Graduation

The best colleges to pursue Post-Graduation in India are listed below.

  • Calicut University, Calicut
  • Motiwala homeopathic medical college, Nashik
  • Foster Development Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital, Aurangabad
  • Hemchandracharya North Gujarat University – [HNGU], Patan
  • Smt. Kanchanaburi Babulalji Abad Homoeopathic Medical College, Nashik
  • Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University – [SRK], Bhopal
  • DKMM Homoeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Aurangabad
  • Dr. J.J. Magdum Homoeopathic Medical College, Kolhapur
  • SMFRI’s Vamanrao Ithape Homeopathic Medical College & Hospital, Pune
  • Tantia University, Sriganganagar


To conclude, this was all about How to Become a Homeopathic Doctor in India. If you want to become a Homeopathic Doctor you can simply follow this simple guide. This simple guide will give you the proper direction to achieve your goal. For any more queries get back to me by commenting in the comment box. I will get back to you with a proper solution to your query.

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