How to Become a Physiotherapist in India

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The career scope of Physiotherapists in India is gaining importance nowadays. If the most trending career options students are pursuing. You also want to become a successful Physiotherapist in India then read a step-by-step guide on How to Become a Physiotherapist given below. So what are we waiting for? Let us get started.

About Physiotherapist

Physiotherapist includes both the technique to deal with the patient. First, the medical treatment and second, the physical training process to find out the problem and giving treatment on the same.  They help to diagnose the patient not only physically but mentally also to improve their health conditions and take care of the patient for quick recovery.

Who is the Physiotherapist

A physiotherapist is a person who treats people, gives them a massage, or helps them doing exercise at the time of any deformation or internal injury and the process is called Physiotherapy. 

Their role is to give therapy, prevent the patient from any other injury or pain. They even help rehabilitate the patient from any trauma or other setbacks.

Physiotherapy Related Courses in India

Bachelor Course

You need to complete 12th or diploma to do bachelor course in the same with 50% mark in compulsory subjects. You need to get enrolled in four years program to pursue your bachelor’s degree with

Fees: A course fee between Rs. 1, 00,000 -Rs. 5, 00,000/-

Salary: Average salary that you get after completion of this course is approximately the package that ranges between 2 to 8 Lakhs.

Diploma Course

The basic degree to start the physiotherapist course is to clear the 12th exam. The diploma course will be for three years only. 

Fees: To get enrolled in the diploma course one has to spend a minimum of Rs 10,000 – Rs 5, 00,000/- for 2-3 years of course duration.

Salary: Average salary that you get after completion of this course is approximately the package of Rs.16 Lakhs.

Post Graduate Course

To get admission to the postgraduate course you need to complete your bachelor’s degree from any specified university. After that, you need to crack the entrance exam to get admission to a Master’s in physiotherapist. 

Fees: The fees for the desired course is between Rs.35000/- to Rs.50,000/-

Salary: Average salary that you get after completion of this course is approximately the package of Rs.5 Lakhs.

Physiotherapist Job Roles

The physiotherapist also updates themselves with the latest version of techniques to heal the injury or genetic disorder or dislocation of any body part at the time of the accident. They undergo some therapies like electrotherapy, aromatherapy, and many more to relax the patient from pain.  

A physiotherapist can work as Osteopath, Assistant, Personal trainee, Consultant, a specialist in a rehabilitation center, sports rehabilitator and many more depends upon the need of the time and the interest of the individual.

How to become a physiotherapist in India

To become a physiotherapist you must have completed the graduation in Physiotherapy or equivalent course after the 12th science stream. To enhance your career growth opportunities you can pursue a post-graduate physiotherapist course.

How to become a Physiotherapist in India

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to become a physiotherapist are listed below. The eligibility for diploma, graduate, and post-graduate programs are different. Check for the desired course you want to choose.

Age Limit

The minimum age required to learn the physiotherapy course is at least 17 years.

Educational Qualification

The educational qualification according to the course that you choose is as listed below.

Physiotherapy Courses After 12th

  • The score should be 50% in compulsory subjects like Biology, Physics, and Chemistry.
  • After completing 12th one can opt for such courses and pursue their Bachelor degree in the same. 
  • The most important part to get enrolled in this course is that the student must be from the medical field.

Physiotherapist Diploma Courses

  • The course can be taken after the 12th only from the science stream. 
  • The course deals in physiotherapy and the health care areas. 
  • There is a probability to appear in an entrance exam or not depending upon the requirement of the college you want the admission to.

Physiotherapist Post Graduate Program

  • The minimum percentage needs to be achieved in graduation to get admission to a post-graduate program. 
  • This course is done after completing the bachelor’s degree in physiotherapy that is a Masters’s in Physiotherapy. 

Exam Pattern and Syllabus 

The exam pattern and syllabus differ as per the course and duration of the course. The exam pattern with details and syllabus is as follows.

For Bachelor Course

Entrance Exam: To be a part of the Bachelor of physiotherapy course some of the universities held entrance exams. The entrance exams conducted are namely, CET, JIPMER, and many more. 

Duration: The Bachelor Course is of 4 years.

Syllabus: The exam is conducted semester-wise. Four years course with eight semesters. Subjects included in these semesters are as follows-

Semester 1– English, Biochemistry, Anatomy, Basic nursing

Semester 2– Sociology, Biomechanics, Physiotherapy orientation

Semester 3– First Aid and CPR, Microbiology, Pathology

Semester 4– Introduction to treatment, research Biostatics, and methodology, exercise therapy, clinical observation

Semester 5– Traumatology and Orthopedics, General Surgery and Medicine

Semester 6– Clinical training and allied therapies, physiotherapy based on sports, orthopedics

Semester 7– Study of Neuro- Physiology, Neurology, Neurosurgery, community-based medicine, and Rehabilitation

Semester 8– Clinical training based on supervision, Ethics and Administration supervision, and practice of physiotherapy 

For Diploma Course

Entrance exam: CET

Duration: The diploma course is for three years. Each year has a specific paper to learn and practice.

Syllabus: The first year includes paper-like Pathology, General Physiology and Anatomy, Exercise Therapy, and pharmacology

Second years have papers like computer training, gynecology, electrotherapy, medicines, and psychology.

The third-year consists of six papers like Surgery, Rehabilitation, and Physiotherapy in both surgical and medical conditions, Kinesiology and Biomechanics, and orthopedics.

For Postgraduate Course

Entrance Exam: The entrance exam for Postgraduate Physiotherapist courses are AIAHCET, NEET-PG, CMC Vellore Test.

Duration: Postgraduate is of the two-year course.

The first year has papers like Research Methodology, Technology related education, advanced manual Therapy, Practice of Physiotherapy, Electrophysiology, health and fitness, Bio-statistics, Applied Kinesiology and Biomechanics, Exercise Physiology, Advanced Electrotherapy, and Electrophysiology.

The Second Year of the postgraduate includes Clinical posting, laboratory work, Didactic and Scientific inquiry. 

Books & Study Material

To study physiotherapy you need to take admission in any recognized university and clear the entrance exam in any conducted by the authorized university. Some of the books are mentioned here to crack the entrance exams are 

  • Chemistry and Biology book of Arihant Publication
  • NCERT book of class XI and XII based on physics
  • Last 30 years NEET practice paper by Disha experts
  • You need to follow the books prescribed by your mentor or professor to prepare for these exams

Employment Opportunities for Physiotherapist

Rehabilitation Centre 

In this, the Physiotherapist will help or assist the doctor in the treatment of the patient. The main focus of the Physiotherapist will be to guide the patient in doing the exercises for the body and help them in meditating. 


In Defence, the role of the physiotherapist is to take care of the injured one and help them in doing regular exercises or planned physical activities as per the requirement. 

In the Clinics of an Orthopedic 

In orthopedic clinics, the physiotherapist helps the patient in exercises to improve their injuries or misplacement of the bones. If needed the physiotherapist provides home session and look after the well- being of the patient.


In a hospital role of a physiotherapist is to take care of a lot of things when required like in rehabilitation issues of patients, orthopedic needs, and many more. They work along with other expert or specialized doctors for the treatment of the patients. 

Private Clinics

In private clinics all types of facilities are not available by the physiotherapist like the one is provided by the Hospitals. An individual who runs the Clinics earns more than any other source. 

Sports Centers

Physiotherapist makes a regular plan or chats for the workout of the sportsman to stay physically fit. 


In universities, the role of physiotherapists is to make the student learn about the deformities and teach them how to cure them. The practice class will be based on practical demonstration and learning of the uses of the types of equipment and other advanced technology. 

Once you learn the technique and process you will be getting certified by the authorized university and can apply for a job anywhere in the city or any other place.

Career Scope for Physiotherapist

There is no limitation in career options in the field of Physiotherapists. There is more than 150+ organization or institutions to hire them for physiotherapy. The hiring is done based on the qualification and experience in the same field or an internship completed under any physiotherapy center or hospital. 

Some of the organization’s names are listed below to look into the matter of hiring are listed below.

•             Pain- free Physiotherapy Clinic

•             Apollo Hospital

•             Ministry of Defence of India

•             Fortis Healthcare Company

Even some of the NGOs have tie-up with the Physiotherapy center to provide free service to old age people and differently able people or children.

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Salary of Physiotherapist 

The initial payment which a physiotherapist can expect is Rs 15, 000 to Rs 25, 000 monthly. Once you become an expert in this field and have made a good connection or bond with the patients they will choose you further in case of need because of your behavior and practice. 

Everything depends upon the way you handle things or queries and how polite you are with your patients. A private clinic helps in making more money than any other one as you become the owner of the same. 

The better your service the more patients will be attracted to you which will increase your salary or earning source also. With the experience and practice, you will earn more than basic salary to 1.5-2 Lakhs per month

Top colleges with Physiotherapist Courses in India

The top colleges to pursue Physiotherapist Courses in India are as follows.

• AIIMS Delhi, Delhi

• Armed Forces Medical College, Pune

• Indira Gandhi Institute of  Sports and physical education, New Delhi

• Post Graduate Institute of Medical Education and Research, Chandigarh

• Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar

• Bihar College of Physiotherapy, Patna

• DY Patil University, Navi Mumbai

• Guru Jambeshwar University, Hisar

• Neigrihms, Shillong


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