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Complete Package Of How To Become Air Hostess

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How to become Air Hostess

Air Hostess is one of the careers in the aviation industry. Are you also the one looking forward to how to become Air Hostess in India? Then, you have landed on the right article. Here is a full package of information regarding how to become an Air Hostess- eligibility criteria, career scope, salary, and much more.

The candidate who wants to perceive a career as an Air Hostess may also enroll in the courses like ground staff and cabin crew training. After the training one can join most reputed Airlines as an employee.

To get the detailed guidelines on how to become an Air Hostess in India keep reading the article till the end. Let us get started.

About Air Hostess

Air Hostess plays a very important role in the plane. He is responsible to attain each passenger traveling through a plane. Starting from greeting the passengers, to guide them, to instruct them, to see what they want it all is the role and responsibility of an Air Hostess. Women doing this are known as Air hostesses. Job done by the man is called ‘Stewards’.

How to Become Air Hostess

How to become Air Hostess

Eligibility Criteria

To become Air Hostess in India you must fulfill the following eligibility criteria as listed below.

Educational Qualification

Now, here is the answer to the question How to become Air Hostess after the 12th? To become an Air Hostess you need to pass 10 + 2 classes or equivalent examination. Also, a bachelor’s degree in hospitality. Graduation with another degree will also do. The candidate should pass with at least 45 to 50% of marks in graduation. Students appearing for the last year of graduation can also apply for the Air Hostess course.

Age Limit

The minimum age limit to perceive Air Hostess as a career is at least 18 years. The maximum age limit is up to 26 years.

Physical Fitness

Height –157.5 cm

Weight – Proportional to height


  • The candidate should have good and perfect eyesight and clear vision
  • 6/24 vision in both the eyes
  • A maximum of +/-3 is allowed


  • Pleasing personality with fair complexion, smart
  • Good physical fitness and health

Other Criteria

  • The candidate should be unmarried
  • Also, the candidate should fulfill the eligibility criteria for an Indian passport
  • The candidate should not be suffering from any mental illness
  • Fluency and must know multiple foreign languages

Admission to a Hostess Course

Generally, there is no particular entrance exam to become an Air Hostess. Each college or university follows a different process for the admission of the students for the course.

To become Air Hostess the candidate has to complete the Diploma and Certification course in Aviation & Hotel Management. This is generally one year course with a mandatory practical training session. There are various colleges and universities which offer Air Hostess Course. Some are private institutes and some Government. It is the personal choice of the candidate in which Institue she wants to pursue the career.

The aspiring candidate who wants to perceive Air Hostess as a career that can directly approach the institutes offering the certificate and diploma courses. Each Institute has its selection process. After the completion of the graduate with minimum marks, there is an initial screening of the candidates.

The Government colleges or universities carry on a Counselling process for the admission of the course for the related course.

The private or deemed institutes take their own selection process. The process of the selection of the candidate is as follows.

  • Initial Screening
  • Written Test
  • Group Discussion (GD)
  • Personal Interview

After initial screening, the selected candidates have to go through a written test. Then the candidate has gone through a group discussion and personal interview. The candidate who has cracked all the processors successfully has to then complete her training in the institute. After the successful training, she is posted as a Hostess on the flight.

There are some of the top colleges which conduct entrance exam for the admission of the candidates. The entrance exam includes AIEEE, JEE, AIAEE, NCHMCT.

There are some Private Institutes that provide admission to the course directly on the basis of 10+2 class marks. The entrance process of the course totally depends on which Colleges/universities/institutes you want to pursue your course.

Syllabus of Air Hostess Course

  • Food and catering services
  • In-flight procedures
  • Personality development
  • Communication skill
  • Flight evaluation
  • Passenger handling
  • Grooming and presentation
  • First aid
  • Leadership and coordination
  • Passenger psychology
  • Technical training

Role & Responsibilities of Air Hostess

  • To provide the service to the customers in the flight and give them the satisfaction of the service
  • Escorting the passengers
  • Explaining the procedure of takeoff and landing
  • Assist and guide the passenger
  • Serving the food, water, snack to passengers
  • Ensure the security of passengers by guiding them with the security measures and procedures
  • To see whether all the passenger are seated before the flight take-offs
  • To look for the medical emergencies
  • To reconcile the payments after the flights

Skills to become Air Hostess

  • Good communication skill
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Not to stress
  • Not to argue and be calm in any situation
  • Good listening skills
  • Politeness
  • Smiling and happy
  • Punctuality
  • Problem Solving Skills
  • Multitasking

Career Scope

Air Hostess has a good career scope. Good experience almost of 10 years you get a job as a ground Hostess check Hostess and other related jobs.

After the Air Hostess training, she is posted to the reputed Airlines.

Job Profile of an Air Hostess

  • Airport ground services
  • Air Hostess
  • Aviation cargo
  • Indian customer services
  • Flight dispatcher

Job Prospects In India

  • Indian Airlines
  • Air India
  • United Air
  • Jet Air
  • Go Air
  • British Airways
  • Gulf Air
  • Delta Airlines
  • Alliance Air

Salary of Air Hostess

Air Hostess in the international Airlines gets a good payment. When you join Foreign Airlines the packages start from Rs. 8,00,000/- per annum. But even a domestic Air Hostess gets a good earning. A fresher Air Hostess in India earns about Rs. 25,000-40000/-. Salary increases as per the experience. With gain experience, you earn from Rs.50000 to 75000/-.

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Institutes to perceive Air Hostess as career

The various institutes to perceive Air Hostess Course in India are as follows.

  • Franklin Institute of Air Hostess training
  • Livewel academy
  • Pacific Airways


To land to the conclusion, this was all about how to become Air Hostess in India. I have tried covering the full package information of the Air Hostess. Still, if I have missed away something let me know by shooting it in the comment box.

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