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How to Improve English Communication Skills

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how to improve english communication skills

Are you the one looking forward to how to improve English communication skills? Then here you at the right place. In this article, I have revealed all the tips and tricks to improve your English speaking.

Are you the one you feel going and hanging out with friends or office colleagues just because you cannot speak fluent English? You feel shy just to open your mouth just because you cannot speak up in English. You cannot crack an interview just because you do not have good communication skills to crack the interview.

We all know English is part and parcel of our lives. Today no business and service are possible without English. Are you the one looking for the best possible ways to improve your English language? Then let me share with best possible ways to improve your English communication skills. You can choose the ways listed below way to improve your English. So, let us get started.

How to Improve English Communication Skills

There are various ways by which you can improve your English communication skills. Also, there are ways related to listening, watching, and writing. You can choose the way according to your choice from the list given below. You just need to follow these tips and tricks on a regular basis. You can even try this way in your free leisure time. You can even take these ways of learning English as fun with learning. It depends on your perception.

Listening Skills

It is rightly said it is very good to have listening skills. The half of things that you learn is through your listening skills. So always keep your ears in a way to gain more and more knowledge. The same is with the English communication skill. The more you listen the more you learn. Then it might be listening from a person who has excellent communication skills in English, listening to English poetry or song.

Constant reading

Constant reading is a key to excellent communication skills in English. You must read anything that you like every day without forgetting. Then you read a novel of your choice, a storybook autobiography. That doesn’t matter.

If you do not get time from your busy schedule in a day. Then at least make a point before going to bed you at least read for 15 minutes and then you sleep. If you do not have any books or novels then you can simply read the books online on your phone.

You have to follow tips and tricks while reading. The tip is that when you are breathing you have to read loudly. And the trick has pronounced the words properly. If you cannot pronounce a word properly segment that word and then pronoun it. If you do not know the pronunciation of certain words then get it on Google. But never pronounce the wrong word.


Grammar is the essence of English. You cannot speak English without a proper grammar technique. You must at least know the basics of grammar. You can learn the basics of grammar from a book or a YouTube video on grammar basics. It is very easy to understand from a book or a video. It will not take more time to learn the basics of grammar. But it is a must.


Whenever you come across new words make a point you know down and understand and the meaning of that word. Try using those new words while speaking in English. This will improve your vocabulary power.


While speaking in English look after that each word that you pronounce is pronounced very properly. For big words, you can segment the words into different parts and then pronounce them. For example when want to say segmentation then cut the segmentation in the parts like seg-men-ta-tion. After dividing it into parts try pronouncing a properly. This technique of word segmentation will improve your pronunciation power.


Are you the type of person who does not want to put extra effort to learn English? Then this technique is best for you. Simply that you have to do is watch your favorite movie in the English language and also keep on reading the dialogues given below. Even this is going to improve your English communication skills

Conversation in English

Though above all things like reading, listening and others that are listed above are important. But after listening executing the language and the vocabulary in your conversation is very important. And then that is what is going to improve your English communication skill. So try your best possible that you have the conversation in English with your friends or family members.

It happens that sometimes there is nobody home you can have a conversation in English. At such times you can take the help of a mirror. Just and the entrance of a mirror and start having a one-week conversation.

Initially, it may be difficult to have a conversation but as a how you get used to the English language it is going to be easy for you.

You never learned your mother tongue but you knew it all. Similarly, the thing is worth the English language. You have some patience and keep doing all the tricks and you become a pro in English.

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With your English communication skills apart of confidence is also important. If you stress about will you able to talk in English or not then you can never speak fluent English. So have a faith in yourself and with confidence speak in English.

In touch with English

What so ever happens you have to be in touch with English? Might be the ways you are in touch with English may differ. It may be true listening, talking, videos, movies, reading whatever you choose to but you have to compulsorily be every day is in touch with English.

Speak up

This is just like a game for you. It is fun with learning techniques. You can pick any interesting topic of your choice. Set a timer of 1 minute. And try giving a speech for an extempore on that topic. This will not only improve your English communication skills but also your imagination power. If there are listeners or an audience you can be the center of the stage and speak it out. If there is no one to listen to you just go in front of a mirror and try it out. Initially, it may be difficult for you but you will surely get used to and better each passing day.

Essay writing

If you love writing then this trick will work better for you. You can just select a good topic for you and write 200-250 words without making any grammatical mistakes and with a good vocabulary. Once you have written an essay read it aloud. Even this will help you to enhance your English communication skills.

News channel

You can even opt for any of the news channels where you are updated with the current affairs going around in the world and India. Even some of the English news channels have group discussions and conversations that are in English. All the staff plays a very vital role to improve your English speaking. So at least for a few minutes try this out in a day. This technique is a cherry on the cake because here not only your English communication skills enhance but even your current affair is updated with the recent facts and figures.

English poems and songs

In your leisure and free time, you can just tour your favorite English songs or poems. Even this technique works a lot believe me if you can. If you have not tried out this technique to improve your English then it’s not high time to start doing it from today. Whenever I have free time I just sign my whole new world song.

It is one of my most favorite songs. Also, it not only improves my English communication skill but also creates use with a better mood as singing is my hobby. You can also try out something like this to have a change in your routine.

Learn from your mistakes

Someone has pointed out some mistake in your English communication skill then knows that mistake. Making mistakes is usually but if you don’t correct that mistake and time it is unusual. Is time whatever wastage you make correct at that certain point only? There might be a case where your teacher or somebody who is bro in English will correct you. Sportingly take care and do not repeat the mistake.


To sum up, this was all about how to improve English Communication Skills? Hope this article will help you enhance your English language skills and you overcome all the barriers on your way to fluent English. Share with me your experience with ways to learn English. Which way worked best for you? You can get connected to me by commenting in the comment box.

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