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5 Tips And Tricks To Create Attractive Presentation Videos

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Tips And Tricks To Create Attractive Presentation Videos

In the world of business and marketing jobs, presentation plays an important role. Whether it is a school PPT presentation, sales presentation, marketing pitch presentation, the visual presentation creates a great impact. The audience loves to watch the presentation video because it is engaging and interesting.

It creates an impact in their mind, and they remember through the facts and figures or human words which showed in the video. Keep reading the article to know all the tips and tricks to create attractive presentation videos.

What Do You Mean by Video Presentation?

The video presentation is a powerful way to communicate with your audiences through still images, animation, video footage, Slides, or PowerPoint. You can create a business video presentation to make a strong impact on your brand.

Benefits of Video Presentation

It is interactive; it curbs the time and space limitation. Videos are a kind of visual help that helps you make your point. You can compress much information into some digestible slides and figures that the audience grabs and remember in the long run through a video presentation. The video presentation is also shareable, and one can refer to another person about a particular sales pitch or marketing idea.

It also brings all the people together, and while watching the presentation, they can share and exchange new ideas. It is like a brainstorming session for employees, or a person who goes for an interview can use a presentation video to show their work and skills to the interviewer and create a good impression. 

Tips and Tricks for Making Attractive Presentation Videos

Tips And Tricks To Create Attractive Presentation Videos

1. Create Value and Engage Audience

2. Interactive Question and Answer Session

3. Video Editing

4. Be Practical and Not Methodical

5. Maintaining Time During Presentation Video

Tips And Tricks To Create Attractive Presentation Videos

Now let us see each tip and trick more in detail. So why wait. Let us get started. The top 5 tips & tricks to create an attractive video presentation are listed below.

1. Create Value and Engage Audience

First, it is important to know the value or worth of the video. It would help if you considered what the goal of the presentation is. Do you want them to teach something from the presentation? Second, your video presentation must have some value that will create interest in the audience’s mind.

Holding the interest of the audience is significant. Whether it is a live stream or in-person video presentation, you have to be extra alert because the people’s attention is very shaky. Therefore, you have to create a connection with the audience. During the presentation, engagement of the audience is essential. 

  • Use engaging phrases to catch the audience’s attention like”- please look into it, it’s important, what shall I refer next.” These catchy phrases encourage the audience to say something and interact during the presentation. It does not bore them. 
  • Start with the personal, entertaining story rather than diving straight into the point. Everyone loves to enjoy the lighthearted talk. Even the audience can share their story if it is relatable. The connection is essential, and you will stay engaged. 
  • Throw some interactive questions to the audience like “what they think about current day scenarios or what questions come to mind when they think about video marketing.” Answering questions is a great way to clear doubt. You will feel happy, and there is no looking back. 
  • You can randomly ask names or call out names you see in the live stream and ask their thoughts and feelings about the topic. Calling out names and asking questions allow everyone to interact with the audience. 

These are some cool tricks to engage your audience, and you can still connect with them. They are always ready to listen to you if you are engaging. Hence, create value for your presentation, and the audience will engage automatically. Therefore, you must work, research and brainstorm on the topic or sales pitch so that you can come up with an extraordinary video presentation that will become a success. 

2. Interactive Question and Answer Session

In the video presentation, keep a slide of interactive question and answer where you can ask the audience questions related to the presentation topic, and you can answer them too. Somehow it makes the video presentation interactive, attractive and engaging. Arrange an interactive session of Q and A, and it will help you engage with the audience. 

3. Video Editing

While creating a presentation video, you need a good online video editing tool to create a quality and effective presentation video. The editor will help you edit the videos as per your choice. You can design, trim, cut, and edit the videos as per your need and requirement. It makes the video clean, and you can become the master of video editing. It helps you edit the video super fine. In the editing tool, you get all the features like adding text, music, graphics, and everything so that the video looks polished. 

4. Be Practical and Not Methodical

What does that even mean? Methodical means you follow all the details in the presentation and do not say anything extra out of the slides or videos. But that is not the case when you try to interact with audiences and make the video presentation attractive. You should always find ways to stay happy, crack a bit of humor, and share personal failures during video presentations because that makes the video presentation interesting. 

5. Maintaining Time During Presentation Video

It says that time is money, and hence when planning for a video presentation, you should always respect time. Come on time, be attentive, have confidence, and for a grace period, you can give 5-7 minutes to let everyone join the presentation. So, if the presentation timing was 10.00, you can start by 10.05 maximum to create a good impression and even respect the time of others attending. It is a tip that you should follow while creating an attractive presentation for the audience. 


These are some amazing tips and tricks to create Attractive Presentation Videos. These tips are handy. If you follow them, then you can gain the attention of the audience. They will feel happy, and they will enjoy the video presentation. So, you must create these incredible video presentations for clients and businesses and create a long-lasting impression. 

It is not easy to have a video presentation. You have to be confident, smart, and you need your audience to focus on the engaging content. Virtual presentations are common these days due to work-from-home culture, but it will be easy for you if you follow these tips. You do not have to waste time. The team’s help, your hard work, and your commitment will help you connect with your audience greatly. 

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