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How to Make a Resume On a Phone in 5 Minutes

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How to make a resume on a phone

How to make a resume on a phone? Are you the one looking for this? Do not have a laptop or computer. Nothing to worry about. As we have a solution for you.

The solution is not only quick but also very easy. I have mentioned a step-by-step guide here to make a resume on a phone. Keep reading the article until the end to know all the details.

Have an ever thought you can make a resume even on your phone? No, then you are in right place. Let us draft a resume that also on a phone.

What is a Resume

A resume is a formal document emphasis on the personal details, educational history, career background, and key skills of an individual.

To throw more light resume is a summary of professional skills work history, and educational qualifications. But resume stresses more on work experience.

Purpose of a Resume

  • The main purpose of a resume is to introduce the job seeker to the employer.
  • A Resume is a summary of your details, educational qualification, key skills.
  • The purpose of the resume is also to get shortlisted for the interview, crack the interview, and get the dream job.
  • The main goal and purpose of the Resume are to showcase your skills, educational background, in the most precise and presentable way by providing all possible details.

How to Make a Resume On a Phone in 5 Minutes

Let us proceed to the cream part of this article that is- how to make a resume on a mobile. Here is a step-by-step guide that also in simple steps to make a resume. To make a resume on a phone you require a phone and an internet connection.

We have tried our best to explain with images and brief explanations of the steps. To make this resume you require a mobile and internet connection.

Step 1: Go to Playstore and install Free resume maker

Go to Play Store and in search results search for Free Resume Maker. Click on Install Button.

Step 2: Open the app

Click on the Open Button and you will land on the app.

Step 3: Click on Later

Now, click on the Later button to proceed further.

Step 4: Select and click on Create New CV (or edit your saved data)

Click on Create New CV. You might be urged to see an ad.

Step 5: Click on the Personal Info icon on the left side and fill in your personal details on the right side

Click on the Personal Info Icon on the right side corner. You will get the list of details to be filled in front. Fill in one-by-one Personal info. After that click on the Save button.

  • Personal Information

1. Full name: You are required to write your full name as it is on passing certificates of 10th std.
2. Linked Profile: This is totally optional. You can give the link of professionals linked in your profile.
3. Home Address: Your recent home address where you are residing.

Step 6: Select the Objectives option and write your objective on the right side

Click on the second icon which is objectives. Write down your objective to join a particular company and how will you contribute to the company’s growth.

1. Here you should mention your career objective.
2. What is your objective to join a particular company?
3. And in what way will you benefit the company

Step 7: Write your Qualifications and Educational Details

Click on the third icon that is the educational qualification. Write in detail about your academic details. Note down your Post graduation details, graduation details, and your schooling details.

  • Qualification

1. Post Graduation Details- University, Passing Year, Marks(If any).
If you have achieved a post-graduation degree then you are supposed to mention the name of college, passing year, and marks obtained.

2. Graduation Details-University, Passing Year, Marks
The name of the college you have taken graduation from. The year you started and ended graduation. And total aggregate marks obtained.

3. Schooling Details-Board, Passing Year, Marks
The name of the school with a year of passing and score

Step 8: Now write about your Experience Details

Write about your experience details. The number of years of service, job title, and save the information.

  • Work Experience

1. Mention the Company you worked with or you are working with now
2. Give a proper Job Titl3. Also, mention the Year you started and you have ended or ending. With years also write the number of years of service you provided
4. Mention your Job Role and Responsibilities of previous work one-by-one
5. Do not forget to mention the Professional achievement if any
6. Try adding more numbers if you can. As it focuses the attention more!

Step 9: Give details about your Internship Projects

Write about your internship projects. Give all the details and save the information.

1. Mention the company you interned with
 2. Give a proper Project Title
 3. Also, mention the month you started and you have ended the project. 
4. Mention your role and responsibilities of the project
 5. Any achievement in the project if any.
 6. Try adding more numbers if you can. As it focuses more attention on the employer.

Step 10: Write about your hobbies or interests and then click on “Preview”

Give details about your hobbies, interests, and things you like to do in your leisure time. Lastly, click on the Preview which is in the right-hand corner.

1. Mention your hobbies or what you do in your leisure time
 2. Be honest at mentioning your hobbies
 3. Simultaneously, look forward to your hobbies can be helpful for the organization in one way or another.

Step 11: You will see the Preview of the resume. You can share, mail, or download it.

You will see the Preview of the resume. Recheck the information. Edit any information if any. Spare some seconds to see add to get a resume of your choice.

Step 12: Your Resume is ready to use

Your resume is ready to use. You can share this Professional resume or even download it.

What is a CV

A CV is a formal document that highlights the personal details, educational history, career background, and key skills of an individual. Its emphasis on academic history, educational qualifications, projects, and competencies.

The freshers require a CV to apply for the job. The CV is long detailed information that focuses more on academics and educational details.

When to use what- Resume Vs CV

If you are experienced you need to draft a resume carrying precise details of your work experience and accomplishments. And if you are a Fresher, Ph.D., or Medical Fresher seeking a job then you need to draft a CV.

The CV contains more of your career history, educational qualifications, and academic achievements.

For drafting a CV also, you can follow the same steps as above. Instead of work experience, you can write about your internship details or project details. After you draft a resume or CV you can directly share it from your mobile and apply for the jobs. You can share your resume in the following ways.


The most common way to share a resume is through a Gmail account. The only thing you need to have is a Gmail account. Then, you can easily mail your Resume/Cv to the desired person.

2. Referrals

Another way that is most commonly practiced is referrals. Referal is nothing but when an existing employee gives you the Reference to join a particular job. You can share your CV with that reference. This reference can be your friend, relative, or even a colleague.

3. Company’s Careers Page

You will find the Career Page of each company. You just need to visit the company’s website and land on the Career’s page. After that chose the desired position you want to apply for and share your Resume/CV. If the criteria are fulfilled the company will surely get back to you.

4. Career Forums

There are various career forums in India. You can simply share your resume with the career forums platform. The most common career forums in India are PGalGuy, CAclubindia, Wall Street Oasis.

5. Internships

There are several internship programs for most reputed firms and companies. You can share a Resume/CV with these companies and join the companies. This way is generally for the freshers to directly enter a good company. If the company is satisfied and impressed with your work there will offer you a Pre-Placement Offer(PPO).

6. Job Portals

What are the job portals? To explain in simple words, job portals are nothing but career portals. These job portals help the candidates to find jobs according to their specifications.

The most common job portals in India are naukri.com, indeed.com, mosterindia.com, timesjob.com. Just share your Resume/CV on the job portals and fill in all the necessary details. These job portals will revert you to a number of jobs to apply for according to your preferences.


To sum up, this was all about how to make a resume on a phone. The easiest way and quick way to make a resume on phone, anytime and anywhere.  For any related queries, you can shot at us by commenting in the comment box. We will surely get back to you.

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