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Resume Format in India 2021 – Overview

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Resume Format in India

Are you looking for a Resume Format in India? Here, you will find the resume format that needs to be followed. No doubt, if you present your skills, details, and competencies in the way shown below. Then, surely there are high chances of your resume getting shortlisted for the desired job vacancy.

Can you name the one most important key that directly drives you to the job seat? Can you guess? No, you can’t. Then let me tell you. It’s none other than a resume! There are so many people who apply for a job at a time. Then, what is that one thing that differentiates a person from another person?

Why only a particular person is screened for the interview process? It is totally on the basis of your resume and how you have presented your key skills and competencies in that resume. So, now let us make a difference so that your resume is shortlisted for the job vacancy and you are lined up for the interview process. For this, let us understand the Resume Format.

What is a Resume

A resume is a formal document emphasis on the personal details, educational history, career background, and key skills of an individual.

resume format india

Mostly, the resume is prepared to apply for a job or crack a job vacancy. And, a person who wants to switch his/her job also needs a resume. To conclude, a resume is a summary of professional skills work history, and educational qualifications.

Purpose of a Resume

  • The main purpose of a resume is to introduce the job seeker to the employer.
  • A resume is a short summary of your personal details, educational qualification, key skills.
  • The purpose of the resume is to get shortlisted for the interview, crack the interview, and get the dream job.
  • The main goal and purpose of the resume are to showcase your skills, education, experience in the most precise and presentable way.

Difference between Resume and CV

The main difference between a Resume and a CV is that CV Format is a full detailed record of your academics and career history. Whereas, a Resume is a brief and precise detail of your key skills, work experience, and competencies.

Let us understand the difference between a Resume and a CV more in detail.

(Curriculum Vitae)
A resume summarizes your key skills and work experience

A CV summarizes your
academics, educational qualification, and career history.

The resume focuses more on Work
Experience and competencies
CV focuses more on academics and
educational qualification.
It is very short, brief, and preciseIt is with complete details and long. It is an in-depth information
Also, it is only 1 pageAlso, it is 2-3 pages
The Resume does not have a set
chronological order. The applicant can change the order
according to his/her convenience.
A CV has a fixed chronological
an order that needs to be followed.
The Resume should highlight-
1. Educational Qualification
2. Internship Experience
3. Extracurricular activities
4. Skills
5. Hobbies and interests.
The CV should highlight-
1. Work Experience
2. Key Skills
3. Competencies
4. Professional Achievements
5. Awards

Resume Format in India – Overview

A resume is a key and must-have ornament for job seekers. Jobseekers cannot get a job without a resume. There is a standardized format of resume which makes it easy for recruiters to shortlist the resume and line up the rounds of interviews.

The resume format is organized in such a manner that the interviewer gets an idea of all details and skills just at one glance. The format of your resume is of vital importance. Because there are so many people applying for a particular job. Hence, there will also be so many resumes.

So, what makes a difference is a resume- The format of the resume and how well it is organized.

Points to be noted

  • Resume should be very brief and precise
  • Mostly it should be of one page
  • In certain cases you can take it to two pages, but not more than that.

Let us now have a walk of the format of a resume. This is the same resume format for freshers. Just instead of work experience, you have written about Project Details.

Resume Format In India

A standard format of the resume should include all the sections listed below.

  • Personal Information
  • Contact Details
  • Work Experience
  • Qualification
  • Key Skills
  • Strengths
  • Weakness
  • Certifications
  • Honor Awards
  • Extra-Curricular Activities
  • Languages Known

Resume Format

Personal Information

1. Full name: You are required to write your full name as it is on passing certificates of 10th std.
2. Linked Profile: This is totally optional. You can give the link of professionals linked in your profile.
3. Home Address: Your recent home address where you are residing.

Contact Details

1. Contact number: Your contact number that will connect you directly.
2. Email Address: Your mail address that is in use.

Work Experience

1. Mention the company you worked with or you are working with now
2. Give a proper Job Title
3. Also, mention the year you started and you have ended or ending. With years also write the number of years of service you provided.
4. Mention your job role and responsibilities of previous work one-by-one
5. Do not forget to mention the professional achievement if any.
6. Try adding more numbers if you can. As it focuses the attention more!

Educational Qualification

1. Post Graduation Details- University, Passing Year, Marks(If any).
If you have achieved a post-graduation degree then you are supposed to mention the name of college, passing year, and marks obtained.

2. Graduation Details-University, Passing Year, Marks
The name of the college you have taken graduation from. The year you started and ended graduation. And total aggregate marks obtained.

3. Schooling Details-Board, Passing Year, Marks
The name of the school with a year of passing and score.

Key Skills

1. Start with the professional skills that you poses, that are beneficial for the job
2. Look for the job vacancy-the competencies that the job requires. And then develop your skills accordingly
3. Your key skills should match the job competencies
4. Do not forget to highlight the skill in which you excel
5. Key words of mentioned skills should be catchy


1. Mention your strengths and highlight them
2. List all your strengths that will benefit the company in all ways
3. Be honest with your strengths
4. At least mention 5-6 of your best strengths


1. This is totally optional if you want to write it or not. You may write it or not. But this question is many a time asked in the interview. Your weakness should be such that even this weakness will benefit the company in one way or another.
2. For e.g I am Perfectionist. This is my strength yes. But simultaneously it is my weakness because I take time and work on something dedicatedly to make it perfect.


This step is totally optional
1. If you have undergone some certificate course which can benefit the job vacancy and company do not forget to mention it
2. It is a certification course where you can make a difference from other job seekers
3. Mention one-by-one certificate courses and highlight them

Honor Awards

1. If you have achieved any Professional Award do not forget to mention it
2. It can be in form of a medal, trophy, tag, gifts, or vouchers
3. Also, it can be a Pat-on or a word of appreciation

Extra Curricular Activities

1. If you are a socialite involved in various social activities, then do not forget to mention it.
2. It can put a weightage on your resume
3. Extra-curricular activities can also be a hobby

Languages Known

1. Mention the various languages that you know. Start with English first. Also, mention your native language.
2. Sometimes, the more languages you know more benefit it is.

How to Make a Resume

Here is a step-by-step guide that also in simple steps to make a CV

Step 1: Go to freesumes.com

Step 2: Now click on RESUMES and then in RESUMES TEMPLATES. You will get a pop-up list. In the pop-up list, you have to choose PROFESSIONAL.

Step 3: Drag your mouse down and down. And here you are. You will get to see various templates. You can choose any template of your choice.

Step 4: Now click on the READ MORE button on the selected template of resume or CV.

Step 5: Nextly, you will be driven on the template of your choice. You can see that particular Resume/CV on the interface.

Step 6: Next is to drag the mouse down till you see the DOWNLOAD button. Click on the DOWNLOAD button.

Step 7: The download of your template will start automatically within a few seconds. Wait till the process of the download is complete.

Step 8: Now, go to the download folder on your desktop. You will see the downloaded template on your interface. After that, you have to click on that particular downloaded folder.

Step 9: Click on the Resume.docx. You will get to see a rectangular box on the interface. Now you have to click on resume.docx

Step 10: When you click on the resume.docx button in the above step you will be automatically land in the WORD Document. You will see the template that you have chosen, which is opened in the Word document.

The template is ready to edit. Just click where ever you want to edit. And, then edit whatever you want to edit in that Resume/CV.

Step 10: Your Professional CV is ready to use now.

For more detailed information you can read- how to make a resume

How to share a resume

The resume can be shared in a number of ways. It is one’s personal choice to choose a way one wants to share the way of sharing a resume. Let us see the ways in which the resume can be shared.


The most common way to share a resume is through a Gmail account. The only thing you need to have is a Gmail account. Then, you can easily mail your Resume/Cv to the desired person.

2. Referrals

Another way that is most commonly practiced is referrals. Referal is nothing but when an existing employee gives you the Reference to join a particular job. You can share your CV with that reference. This reference can be your friend, relative, or even a colleague.

3. Company’s Careers Page

You will find the Career Page of each company. You just need to visit the company’s website and land on the Career’s page. After that chose the desired position you want to apply for and share your Resume/CV. If the criteria are fulfilled the company will surely get back to you.

4. Career Forums

There are various career forums in India. You can simply share your resume with the career forums platform. The most common career forums in India are PGalGuy, CAclubindia, Wall Street Oasis.

5. Internships

There are several internship programs for most reputed firms and companies. You can share a Resume/CV with these companies and join the companies. This way is generally for the freshers to directly enter a good company. If the company is satisfied and impressed with your work there will offer you a Pre-Placement Offer(PPO).

6. Job Portals

What are the job portals? To explain in simple words, job portals are nothing but career portals. These job portals help the candidates to find jobs according to their specifications.

The most common job portals in India are naukri.com, indeed.com, mosterindia.com, timesjob.com. Just share your Resume/CV on the job portals and fill in all the necessary details. These job portals will revert you to a number of jobs to apply for according to your preferences.

Final Thoughts

To sum up, this was all about resume format in India. Surely, this organized format will make your resume shortlisted for the line of interviews. If this article helped you to format your resume in the best way, then do not forget to share your experience with us.

If any queries regarding the format of the resume, get back to us by shooting your query in the comment. We will get back to you with a solution!!

If you have liked the article do not forget to share it with your friends!! Sharing is Caring!!

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