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Salary Of IAS Officer in India With Benefits

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Salary Of IAS Officer

Are you looking for information related to the Salary Of IAS Officer? Then here you are in the right place. Here you will get detailed information and perfect figures for IAS’s salary.

Becoming an IAS officer is one of the most chosen professions. It is not only the most reputed profession but also the most chosen profession with a reputation and white-collar job.

With reputation, you also get a good handsome pay of salary. Salary increases with promotions. In this article, I have given the details of the IAS Salary according to the grade.

Not only salary but an IAS also get a lot of benefits that come with the designation and responsibility. Benefits include DA, TA, and HRA, and many more. Keep reading the article till the end to know the details of benefits and perks. So, let us get started.

Who is an IAS

IAS is one of the most inspiring careers for millions of Indians. Many want to become an IAS officer and have a stepping stone of success in their career. An IAS officer’s ultimate aim is to serve the country.

ias officer in india

IAS Officers can be in any of the government servant roles listed below.

  • Chief Secretary
  • Cabinet Secretary
  • Commissioner
  • Joint Collector
  • Chief Development Officer
  • Member Board of Revenue
  • Chairman Board Of Revenue
  • Divisional Commissioner
  • Sub Divisional Officer
  • District Magistrate
  • Deputy Commissioner

Full form of IAS

Formerly, IAS was known as ICS which stands for Imperial Civil Service. IAS stands for Indian Administrative Service. To become an IAS officer one needs to crack Civil Services Exam(CSE) conducted by the Union Public Service Commission(UPSC).IAS is one of the parts of All India Services. It is one of the prestigious government services amongst 24 services in India.

How to become an IAS Officer

To become an IAS officer you need to crack the UPSC-CSE exam. The exam is conducted with the aim to recruit government officials of a total of 25 services in India. IAS includes All India Services comprising of IAS, IPS, and IFS. You can read more about How To Become IAS Officer in detail here.

Eligibility Criteria

The eligibility criteria to become an IAS Officer are as follows.

Age Limit

The minimum age to appear for UPSC- Civil Service Exam is at least 21 years. The maximum age limit to become an IAS officer for the general category is 32 years for OBC is 35 years and SC/ST is 37 years respectively.

Educational Qualification

  • The basic qualification to appear for the IAS exam is graduation in any of the fields.
  • Even the final year graduation students can apply for this examination.

IAS Exam Syllabus & Pattern

To become an IAS officer a person needs to crack the Civil Service Examination (CSE) which is conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). It is one of the toughest competitive exams in India. Approximately every year 1000 candidates are selected as an IAS officer.

UPSC-CSE is conducted in three stages as follows.

  • Preliminary exam
  • Mains exam
  • Interview process

The Salary Of IAS Officer

The salary structure of all IAS officers has been changed after the 7th pay commission recommendation came into force.

dm salary

Accordingly, the basic salary for the month of an IAS officer is Rs. 56,100/-. TA, DA, and HRA are not included in this amount. This basic pay goes on increasing with promotions. The promotions and the salary of an IAS officer are directly related to each other. The more promotions the more is your salary hike. And if you reach a designation of cabinet secretary the salary becomes 2,50,000/-.

Let us have a look at the salary distribution of an IAS Officer. The salary of an IAS differs according to the years of experience and designation with promotions.

IAS Officer Salary

The basic salary of an IAS Officer starts from INR 56,100/- and can reach INR 2,50,000/- for Cabinet Secretary. TA, DA, and HRA are extra with the basic pay. The basic pay according to the post is as follows.

PostBasic Pay
ASP/SDM/Assistant Commissioner56,100
ADM/Under Secretary/Deputy Secretary67,700
DM/Joint Secretary/Deputy Secretary78,800
DM/Special Commissioner/Director1,18,500
Divisional Commissioner/Commissioner
cum Secretary/Joint Secretary
Divisional Commissioner/PrincipalSecretary/
Joint Secretary
Additional Secretary2,05,400
Chief Secretary2,25,000
Cabinet Secretary2,50,000
  • DA-Dearness Allowance
  • TA-Travelling Allowance
  • HRA-House Rent Allowance

IAS Salary – Perks & Benefits

To talk about other benefits that you get which salary is the dearness allowance (DA), House Rent Allowance, Medical Allowance, Traveling Allowance, Security, Bills, Vacation, and Pension.

As we discussed above the salary of an IAS officer differs according to the grade and position of an IAS Officer. The higher the great and promotions the more is the salary of an IAS officer. The salary also comprises the basic pay, allowances, and various other perks by which an IAS Officer is benefited. Let us see a few of the benefits. They are as listed below.

Dearness Allowance (DA)

It is due to the DA that the salary of an IAS is increased by the government after intervals. The dearness allowance for an IAS is revised on a half-yearly basis. DA is also affected by the inflation rate. But generally, it increases every year.

House Rent Allowance (HRA)

The house rent allowance difference from city to city. The housing flowers generally range from 18 to 24% of the IAS Officer’s Basic Pay.

Medical Allowance

The benefits that an IAS officer enjoys also comprise the medical allowance. An IAS officer can reimburse that medical allowance at the time of the medical treatment.

Travelling Allowance (TA)

According to the grade of the IAS officer and their posting, he/ she is assigned a vehicle. Generally, in a rural area, the officer gets an ambassador car. Whereas in city areas the officers get luxury cars In Innova, Fortuner, etc.


An IAS officer I am not permitted to carry of their own by government. But for the security of IAS officers, the government allotts bodyguards to the IAS officer and their families.


An Officer might get the electricity, gas, water, and phone bill for free. Sometimes it is not free then the officer may get it at a very subsidized rate.


An IAS Officer is allotted a guest house or a bungalow during his/her business or non-business trips.


An IAS officer Android a good hand full amount of pension a lot of retirement benefits.

Role & Responsibilities of an IAS Officer

An IAS Officer plays a very vital role in the Government Body. The role and responsibilities of an IAS officer are as listed below.

  1. Framing various important policies.
  2. Advising ministers.
  3. Maintenance of law and order.
  4. Implementation of policies.
  5. Collection of revenues.
  6. Supervision of expenditures.
  7. Supervision of disbursement of funds.
  8. Taking important decisions and framing policies at different levels.
  9. Proper implementations of the policies that are framed depending on the seriousness of the situation.
  10. The functions of an IAS officer differs according to the position is appointed for and also differs at the District, State, and National level.
  11. An IAS officer may also be appointed as a State Secretariat or Heads of Departments of Public Sector Undertaking.
  12. A person appointed as a State Secretariat has an important role and responsibility in making important decisions in the government processes.
  13. A person appointed in Public Sector Undertakings is responsible for taking the important decisions in the management of various public sector undertakings power stations.
  14. At a Central level, an IAS officer is a vital role in the implementation of policies related to finance commerce.
  15. A person who was appointed as a Central Secretariat is responsible to take all the important decisions and implement the policies at the level of the Central Government.
  16. A sub-divisional magistrate is responsible for the maintenance of law and order administration and the development of the division.
  17. District level functions include all the functions related to the collector or deputy commissioner or district magistrate.
  18. At the district level, an IAS officer is connected with various functions like district affairs, collection of revenues, implementation of policies, and other functions as follows.
  19. To look forward to the administration of the district in a very proper way is the responsibility of a district magistrate.
  20. Maintenance of law and order in the district.
  21. DM also supervisors the police and is responsible to conduct magisterial inquiries.
  22. Plays a vital role in disaster management and crisis management in case of any crisis.
  23. To look forward to tax revenue maintenance of the district.
  24. He also supervisors the activities of magistrates.
  25. Also, he is responsible to take all the necessary actions which can prevent the crime within the district. The public safety of the district and its protection is his responsibility.


To sum up, this was all about the Salary Of IAS Officer. I hope this was the relevant article you were looking for and I was able to share the detailed information about the salary of an IAS Officer with benefits & perks.

Along with this, you should also remember that you will be working for the country and the people of the country. It is a pride to do this work. You will surely be known as a patriotic Indian. So the matter of the salary should be secondary. Jay Hind!

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