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tnpds gov in login

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tnpds gov in login

TNPDS is Tamil Nadu Public Distribution System. It is a part of Civil Supplies, aconsumer protection department. The main aim of TNPDs is to offer essential commodities to needy people like transgender, handicapped, low-income families, etc.

Every essential commodity is provided t a very reasonable rate after ensuring that every food item fulfills the needed quality parameters.

This public distribution system is a central government scheme where the central government helps to purchase food grains and offer that to states at subsidized rates. This subsidized food is also allocated to various states according to the requirement.

In the public distribution system of Tamil Nadu, they are responsible for offering food to needy people, and to manage the overall process via the digitized mode, and keeping track of the stocks in various Godowns, savvy cardholders, fair price shops, and much more.

Highlights of TNPDS

Particulars Summary
Official website Tnpds.gov.in
Smart card facility launch date 01-04-2017
Type of card issued Smart ration card
Beneficiary All citizens of Tamil Nadu state
Acronym TNPDS
Name of the portal TamilNadu Public Distribution System

What is a smart card?

Now everyone in the state of Tamil Nadu can easily apply for a new ration card, a secure smart card linked with an Aadhar number, and the mobile number of the card owner.

The cardholder’s name, photo, and type will be printed on the front page, and the details of the family members, along with the QR code, will be printed on the back side of the smart card.

If you have to buy a ration, then you only need to swipe the card, and every piece of information can be accessed with the help of this QR code. The card can also be issued to stop any fraudulent activity. You can also get this QR code printed on the PVC card, which is similar to an Aadhar card.

What are the types of cards issued by TNPDS?

S.No. Type of Card Commodities entitled
1 NPHH-NC No Commodity
2 NPHH-S All commodities except rice
3 NPHH All commodities
4 PHH-AAY All commodities, including 35 LG rice
5 PHH All commodities

With the help of the above information, you can see which type of card you are holding, or you should have.

How can you log in to TNPDs?

Two types of login processes are available on the portal of TNPDs.

  1. Citizen Login

Every citizen of Tamil Nadu can log in and check every important information like grievances, addresses, feedback, family members, and much more.

  1. Department login

These are basically the officials of the Consumer Protection Department and Civil Supplies, who they can also perform multiple official tasks after login into the portal.

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Below is the step-by-step process for login

  1. First, open the official website of TNPDS, i.e., tnpds.gov.in and tnpds.com
  2. After that, click on the login button.
  3. Now enter the user ID and password of your TNPDS account.
  4. Then click on the login button, and you can enjoy the features of the TNPDS website.

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