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How to Make Money Sitting at Home in India

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How to make money sitting at home in India

Are you also the one looking forward to how to make money sitting at home in India. Earn money just by sitting at home that also without an investment? Yes! You heard it right we can do this. Just you need to read the article till the end. Isn’t it interesting?

In this article, I have revealed all the top tips and secrets that make money that also sitting at home. And yes there are people who are doing well and earning lakhs that also sitting at home in India. All this is done with very less investment.

To make money sitting at home you just need some consistency and little time in a day. All hard work bears sweet fruit. Similarly online earning done with interest and dedication earns you lakhs that to sitting at home.

No worries to travel miles away to the officer. No 9 to 6 job. No shoutings from the Boss. No promotion worries. Does not is sound interesting? If yes then what are you waiting for? Let us get started.

How to make money sitting at home in India

The various secrets to earn money that also sitting at home in India are as listed below.

  • Captcha Solver
  • Online seller
  • OLX
  • EBook
  • URL Shortener
  • Earn Through Blogging
  • Earn by Making Youtube Channel
  • Freelancer
  • Affiliate Marketer
  • Online Surveys
  • Data Entry
  • Online Tutoring
  • Influencer
  • Language Translation
  • Stock Market Trading
How to Make Money Sitting at Home in India

Hereby I am revealing various secrets to earn money that also sitting at home in India. The various ways are listed below.

1. Captcha Solver

With very little experience, you can become a captcha solver. Captcha solving has become one of the most trending jobs that can be done from home. You can easily add income to your pocket by doing this.

The thing that you need to do is just read the captcha image and the special specific characters. The need for a captcha solver is increasing day by day. The only requirement that you need to have for becoming a captcha solver is a very good typing speed and a computer with great internet speed. You should be very genuine with your customers so that your customers increase day by day.

2. Online seller

The online seller is trending nowadays. Traditional selling is now replaced by online selling. Even today people have become lazy to go to the market shops and buy things.

Even you can sell things online and become an online seller.

There is a number of online platforms like Amazon, Clickbank, Flipkart. Can just add your products to the websites and reach your products to the ultimate customers at a time. They even take care of your shipping and payment.

You can also reach your products to the social media sites like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube. There you can use the paid service of a social media account and reach many people at a time. Even you can create a website for your firm and sell your products online with the help of a shopping portal.

3. OLX

You can even on the money with the help of OLX. Do you know what OLX is? OLX is an online portal. Here, you can sell and buy things. The things that can be brand new or old do not matter. Every material has an ultimate user. We all very well know the scrap for us is useful for someone else. Similarly, the things which are not wanted by us can be very useful to others. This is the base on which OLX runs.

On OLX you can run a big business and earn a good amount of money. Just you need to buy old material( check whether it is in good condition) or new second-hand material. Then you can easily find a potential buyer on OLX and sell it. You can buy the material online or offline depends on you. But you can sell the purchased material on OLX online portal.

But what will you earn out of it? Of course, you will earn a good amount of profit out of reselling which in turn is your commission of reselling. With the purchase price of the product add the profit and then fix it as the selling price.

( Purchase Price + Profit = Sell Price )

You can keep the profit amount as per your wish. And it is again you to decide whether you want to negotiate on that amount of selling price or not.

For example, if you have a buyer the product for 5000 rupees, then put 500 rupees as your profit. Earning 500 rupees as your profit. Such an easy task just by sitting at home.

How to Use OLX

You can download the OLX app on your mobile or laptop from the Playstore. You can even go to the OLX official website – https://www.olx.in/

Just click a photograph of that stuff put it on your OLX you have many customers asking you for the product. You are there are two benefits reselling old products at the same time you on profit. Profit with the selling price of the product.

4. EBook

If you have any knowledge and love writing then an eBook is the best option for you. You don’t have to publish a physical book. Here all the incomes made by publishing a book online and thus it are called eBooks. You can publish your eBook on the platforms like Instamojo Amazon.

You just have to sign up on Instamojo. Instamojo gives the commission online if any customer buys your book. Commission there are more downloads.

Suppose you have any book which is published on Instamojo and you fix a price on it. You have to share your link on Instamojo. You have to promote that link as much as you can. You can promote this link on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook. The more the promotion the more people will know about it and the more the downloads will be which will give you a handsome commission. And lastly, you can on a good income out of it

Whenever a person with clicks on the link on Facebook, Instagram he will directly redirect to the page where he can buy the eBook. Then the customer can directly make a payment over there and buy the book.

5. URL Shortener

Nowadays even URL shortener is trending. Today is a world of social media. And of course, we all are super active on social media account. If you are also a social media addict then a URL shortener is the best option for you. It is not only easy for you, interesting yield you a good income. The only thing you have to do was you have to go to the URL short website and you have to convert the long URL into short ones. Once you have done it you have to share that particular short URL on your social media.

Now we have to do if you have to share the short URL on your social media like Facebook, Instagram. If any person clicks on that URL you will automatically get money. Adfly is one of the best options for URL shortener. You can earn good money e by URL shortening. Once you have made your account for URL shortening reporter Kala website you will get a dashboard where you will be able to see e all information regarding the earnings views clicks. Once you have received the payment through URL shortener it will be transferred to your bank account.

6. Earn Through Blogging

If you are good with words and sentences then surely you should be a Blogger. In blogging, you can write articles, reviews of searching products and also do affiliate marketing. You can start your blog or website and start earning a good amount of money. You can earn money from your blogs by showing the ads on your blogs or by affiliating with the products. I have seen many students becoming successful bloggers at a very tender age.

To start a blog you need to just make a small investment. You need to buy a domain name for your blog and need to take good hosting. And that’s all you need to make your investment on. And you are ready to start with your blog. You have to keep good consistency in posting your articles. Even you have to be good with SEO skills. To enhance your SEO skills you can read the related articles.

To grow the traffic of your website your content should be unique. You should be able to engage the audience and stay away from plagiarism. Make it a point that your article is free from grammar mistakes, to correct the mistakes you can use Grammarly. You can earn money sitting at the home and you’re not going anywhere else out. Then blogging is the best option for students in India to money. You can post sponsor posts on your blogs and earn money.

Even the Career Flyes is my blog. You can have your own blog. The niche that you can select can be as per your knowledge and area of interest. For example, if you are a fashion designer you can run a fashion blog.

7. Earn by Making Youtube Channel

If you think you are not good with words and writing then you can shift yourself to Vlogging. You can simply make the videos and post them on YouTube. People have become lazy at reading and they are referring to watch a video. Especially the cooking videos that are uploaded on YouTube.

As it is said your eyes have more influence than any other body part. When YouTube channels get subscribers and a good amount of views you can join the YouTube partner program. Here you have to be good with your content and you should have a good engagement of your audience.

If you have good cooking skills you can simply start your YouTube channel. You can post the videos to get viewers and subscribers. Also, join Google Ad Sense and on money by posting the ads in between your videos.

The best effective solutions on how to make money on youtube are as follows.

  • AdSense-money from ads
  • Sell products or Merchandise
  • Crowdfund
  • Fan Funding
  • Influencer
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsor videos
  • Freelancing

Know more about How to earn from Youtube in India by clicking here. I have shared the best ways to make money online through Vlogging here. Reveal the secrets of income from YouTube over here.

8. Freelancer

Freelancing is the best option for the students. You can work from your home itself and make money online. Firstly, let us understand the meaning of Freelancing. A freelancer is a person who completes a temporary e task within a stipulated. He has not been hired for a long-term project but a short-term project. Once the project is finished he is not bound for anything. As a freelancer, you can choose any work of your choice.

You can take any work or you can change the work according to your choice and preferences. Any degree is not mandatory to become a freelancer. The best thing as a freelancer is that you don’t have any compulsion to do something. You can do the task of your area of interest.

Let me make you understand with an example- If you are good at writing, you can become a Content Writer with your writing skills. If you are good with Photo Editing and Photoshop skills then you can edit the photos and videos. If you are good with your voice or translation you can do a freelancing work of voice over or translation. In this way this will on a good amount of money that also by becoming a freelancer and setting and the home only. Freelancing is one of the best options for students in India.

You can get freelancing jobs at Upwork, Fiverr. These are the most trusted online earning websites for freelancers. But for getting the freelancer work on these websites you have to create your profile and poster Gig. Oh! You don’t know what the meaning of the Gig is? So, first of all, let us understand the meaning of Gig. A Gig is nothing but resembles a temporary job. You can work according to your convenience.

You are not bound regarding the selection of your task. You can select as many as projects you want at the same time. The cherry on the cake is that you can do the job from anywhere you wish to and at any time. Once you have created your profile with this website the companies and the employees will start approaching you for the particular work according to the type of Gig you have posted. You have to complete the work and you get paid.

The freelance industry is booming nowadays and people are earning lakhs through the freelancing task. The reason behind increasing freelancing tasks is the company saves money beyond the permanent recruitment of the employees. As per the need of the job, a company gets the task completed by the freelancers. It saves a lot of investment of the company in the permanent employees.

Nowadays even freelancing jobs are posted on Facebook. Just you need to join the group, look for the task and get the task and complete it. The only thing you have to do over here is joining the groups on Facebook. For Example, if you want to do a content writing job then join the content writers group on Facebook. You will get many tasks every day. Then approach the task you are interested in and contact the respective person.

9. Affiliate Marketer

We have heard a lot about Affiliate Marketing. Even we hear marketers are making a big money from affiliate marketing. But what the affiliate marketers do? The term affiliate marketer is very different from that of the influencer.

 An affiliate marketer is a person who associates with a particular brand and sells its products. After selling the products of that particular brand the person gets a fixed commission from the brand. A fixed commission from a brand plays an important role in affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing involves a trackable link or a unique promo code that is shared with the audience. 

When the audience clicks on it the good deals are converted into sales. Instagram does not allow you to share links on your post. It only allows you to share your link in your bio. This is a reason you can focus on only one product at a time with that particular affiliate link sharing your promo code.

Although it is difficult to sell the products online from Instagram alone you can take the support of a website. To sell your products and build the trust of the audience you must have a website. 

In the initial stages, you can start with a square online which is a free platform. Here, you just need to pay the transaction fees. Once you start getting the convergence you can upgrade yourself to a paid plan and build your website. Your Instagram audience will directly land to your website from where they can easily buy the products or services.

There are many companies in which you can choose to become an associate and start affiliate marketing. Some of them are as below.


Han good company giving a good commission of 1% to 75% to affiliate marketers

Amazon affiliate program

Pays a commission from 3 to 10%


The only lifestyle and fashion influencer network which offers the commission of 20%.

10. Online Surveys

Companies that pay you for the service and reviews. Reviews are very important for the company to run in the long run. In the cutthroat competition, all companies want customer reviews. They want feedback for the products or services. Any changes to be made or any recommendation in the products and services plays a vital role to all the companies.

The best example of surveys and reviews is a website called Bare International. You get paid for every project and survey and review that you make. Surveys and reviews are some of the best options for students to earn online in India.

11. Data Entry

Tata entry job can be done by anyone. Don’t need a specific skill for a data entry job. You can do this work anytime and anywhere. Just have to invest few hours of your day to complete the given task. Your sure-shot get the money in data entry jobs. The only thing here is to be aware of the fake companies and only join the genuine company.

For a Data Entry job as well you can choose Upwork and Fiverr. There are trustworthy companies to rely on.

12. Online Tutoring

The word ‘Online‘ has gained a lot of importance nowadays. Due to the things which have become online, the world has become closer and closer. And, the geographical boundaries of our clients have broken. The same is the case with Online Tutoring. As a student if you are good at any subject it may be Maths, Science, English, or any other, you can very easily become an online tutor.

For example, suppose you are very good at your grammar and English communication skills. Such time you can become an English and Grammar tutor. It is a perfect business. Also, it will not only earn you handsome money but also it will enhance your skills, and it will reach your skill to the needy person.

Even many companies approach you for online tutoring. Cuemath is one of the companies, where you can join and become an online tutor for Mathematics.


It is a great platform to sell the course related to any of the fields. There is a good number of students that follow Udemy. You can directly reach your course to such a large crowd of students. Just register on Udemy and start making money online in India.


Vedantu is the best online tutoring website in our country. Here you can teach any of the subjects of your choice. You can earn a good amount of money in a short time and that too sitting at the home.

13. Influencer

Today, we listen to the word Influencer a lot nowadays. But very few know what is an Influencer? Let me explain to you in simple words- An influencer is someone who builds the audience with a good image and reputation through awesome content. The person has a large audience that is engaged with loyalty. 

In short, an influencer is a trusted person whose opinions are respected and followed by the audience. In such circumstances, many brands approach the person as an influencer of that particular brand. The influencer then influences the audience of the Instagram platform and urges them to use certain products or services.

Some influences also review the products. In this way, brands get a platform to advertise the products on the audience base of Instagrammer. An influencer gets the brand to promote. Such collaborations earn a lot of revenue to the influencers through Instagram. The only main thing that matters here is the trust and the engagement of the audience on Instagram.

There should be a highly be engaged audience and should be enjoying your content. You have the freedom to be selective about the brands you want to work with. You can choose the brands as per your preferences. At the same time, brands have the flexibility to select Instagrammers according to their convenience.

14. Language Translation

If you can speak different languages then you have a very good scope for translation of languages. There may be any language; you can get paid for translating that language. Today even there are many websites where you can register yourself and start giving translation services.

Some of them are mentioned below.


Visit the website and register yourself by creating your profile. People visit this particular website to learn new languages. You can teach the seekers different languages. And in return, you will get paid.


You again have to follow the same process. You have to register yourself and create your profile. You also need to submit some of the documents. You get paid on an hourly basis. Your application will be reviewed, and you will get approval.

So, even a translation service is the best option for the students how to earn money online in India.

15. Stock Market Trading

For stock market trading you need to have some investment to be made. Stock marketing also requires a good amount of knowledge so that you can suggest the people invest in a particular stock. You can start knowing about the concepts of the stock market by reading the concepts in the book, Google it or even understand it on the YouTube channel.

You at least need an investment of 10,000/- to start a stock market trading business. You have to make all the basics of the stock market very clear. You continuously have to check the ups and downs in the stock then only you can suggest your clients.


To conclude, this was all about how to make money sitting at home in India. These are the proven ways to earn money sitting at home. Do not miss this opportunity. Hurry Up! Also, do not forget to share with me your experience of earning money sitting at home. If any more related doubts shot me out in the comment box. I will get back to you.

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