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How to Earn Money from YouTube in India

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how to earn money from youtube in india

How to earn money from Youtube in India? Are you also the one looking for the various ways to earn from Youtube Channel? Then you are in the right place. In this article, I have shared tips to earn from the Youtube channel and secrets to increase your traffic. Keep reading till the end to reveal all the secrets and tips.

Today even the Youtuber’s are not less than stars. YouTubers have become their self-made image. Also, they have become celebrities through their entertainment, reviews teaching, content, and laughter.No doubt YouTube has become a small screen popular channel. When we see youtube celebrities even we want to resemble them. 

how to earn money from youtube in india

Do we earn anything from YouTube or it is just for the entertainment of the audience? The simple answer to this question is nothing is done for free. Everything has value. Youtube also has a big value that also informs of money. It is true that many YouTubers earn lakhs per month through the youtube channel.

Even you want to become a YouTuber and earn in lakhs. But don’t know in what ways to earn through YouTube. Keep reading this article to know how to earn through YouTube. Here, I have explained in detail the ways through which you can in lakhs through youtube. Let us see several ways to earn money through YouTube. So let us get started.

8 Proven Ways How to earn money from Youtube in India

The best effective solutions on how to make money on youtube are as follows.

  • Sell products or Merchandise
  • Crowdfund
  • Fan Funding
  • Influencer
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Sponsor videos
  • Freelancing
how to earn money from youtube in india

Let us understand each of them more in detail.

1. AdSense-Money from ads

The most common income from YouTube is none other than that of AdSense. Joining the YouTube partner program and monetizing is of vital importance. You can apply for the AdSense-

  • Once you have more than 1000 subscribers 
  • 4000 people watch your channel every hour

Monetization Process on YouTube

  1. Sign in YouTube account
  2. Click the icon in the right corner
  3. Click on YouTube studio
  4. On the left side click on other features and then on monetization
  5. Agree to the terms of the YouTube partner program
  6. Create an AdSense account. It can be a new account for the existing one.
  7. Set your preferences of monetization

Once you have completed this process return back to your dashboard and click on analytics. Choose a revenue option over there.The main income source of any YouTube channel is AdSense.

After you have applied for AdSense you will get a mail from YouTube. Then you are eligible to enable monetization on your youtube. You can show AdSense ads in your videos.

Generally, the first payment from Google AdSense is 100 dollars. But, if your videos get lots of views then it can be more than this also.

Please note:

The number of users is not directly related to the revenue that you’re all that is it is a misconception that if you get more views you will earn more. The criteria for earning income is is that YouTube must click on the ad and watch the ad for 10, 15, or 30 seconds. Then, only you will get paid and earn money from Youtube.

The income from the ad is excluded if.

  1. Your content includes adult content
  2. Videos related to violence
  3. Videos that include harassment and vulgar language
  4. Promotion of drugs selling and all other related videos
  5. Videos that showcase very sensitive events in society. For example political conflicts natural disasters and many more.

Youtube Partner Program

What is YouTube Premium?

YouTube Premium is the only Paid Membership Program where the viewers can watch their favorite YouTubers, that also without any ads. The change is not on the side of the YouTuber but on the side of the viewer.

The YouTubers will get paid for their content on the YouTube premium. Thus, earning money after becoming a Youtube Partner is a more beneficial way to earn on youtube. Youtube Partner Program is a good idea to earn revenue from youtube.

The YouTubers are notified with the warning of their content. 

In reality, it is found that YouTubers only receive a 45% share of AdSense. Though AdSense is a great and common means of and comes from YouTube. YouTubers should also other ways than of AdSense to earn revenue.

Let us see the other ways from how to make money with youtube.

2. Sell Products or Merchandise

Even YouTube is a platform where you can sell products. The product can be any product like clothes, bags, shoes which can generate good revenue.

You can even become a Partner with merchandise sellers. However, you will get less advantage than you can get when you own your eCommerce site.

To conclude YouTube is also a great platform to advertise or promote any kind of product or service. You can sell and reach the products at a time to a huge audience.

If as a YouTuber you have an audience then you have advantages as mentioned below-

  • Easy traffic conversion
  • Audience trust will result in Big sell of the products

3. Crowdfunding

Firstly, let us understand the meaning of crowdfunding. Crowdfunding is nothing but a process where you raise money or a fund from a large number of people. Where each person contributes a small amount.

And together form a large group of people, it becomes a wholesome big amount. This big amount then can be used as capital for the youtube video project.

When you have a brilliant Idea and extraordinary contained but you are not able to execute at just because you cannot find it or raise money. In such cases crowdfunding is the best option.

For crowdfunding, people should have trust in you or your channel. Then only you can raise the fund from the crowd. You can crowdfund your YouTube project by yourself or as you can even rely on my most popular crowdfunding sites like


This is one of the most popular crowdfunding sites. Good for YouTube projects


This is an alternative for Kickstarter and even a good option for crowdfunding.

4. Fan Funding

Fan funding is nothing but when your fans fund your projects. It is also known as Tip Jar. It is a great method to create engaging video content on YouTube.

If you have great content but lack the funds then you can raise it from your fans. Fan funding is not difficult when having an audience and have already built trust amongst your viewers or fans.

When you are fan funding the most important thing is that you should take care of is that you should keep good transparency among your fans. Telling them about the plan and execution of the plan and how the money will be spent. 

The best fan funding options are as follows-

  • Patreon
  • Tipeee
  • License content to media

If you have a video with very good content, let it be informative or funny then you can license your content. In return for this content, you can get money.

There are many shows online, news sites, TV news, and others where you can reach out and exchange your content for money. On this great platform, your videos can easily become viral and reach the targeted audience.

You can also list your videos for sale where the purchaser can view the video and purchase it. A great example of this is Juken media.

So, even to make money on YouTube licensing your content to media is a great option.

5. Influencer – Work with brands as an influencer

If you have a great audience who are engaged, then many brands will collaborate with you. 

You can become the face of that brand and promote it on your YouTube channel. In return, you will get good revenue from that brand. This method is very good and easy revenue that you can make through YouTube. Influencer marketing has become the best option nowadays.

The brand reaches out audience because influencers already have the trust and the royalty of the audiences. Audiences or Fans follow such YouTubers. At present, becoming an influencer on YouTube is the highest-paid platform on the YouTube channel.

Here is an influencer marketplace where brands can discover you as an influencer-

Some brands also work on the barter system and not necessarily on the money. They even offer you free products so that you can review these products on your channel.

6. Affiliate Marketing

You can also become an affiliate marketer on YouTube for various brands. Affiliate marketing is a great option for the passive income that is made through the commission that you make from the sale of products or services.

For Affiliate marketing, you need not have a range of products. You can sell the products of other brands. In return that particular brand gives you a fixed commission.

This type of marketing works well for reviewing the products on the YouTube channel. In this method of YouTube earning there is less risk that is involved.

The most popular affiliate program is Clickbank which gives you nearly 1% to 75% of commission depending on what you are selling. Also, the Amazon affiliate program is very popular nowadays and people choose to become Amazon affiliate marketers.

You can choose any of the brands that are running their affiliate program according to your preference.

7. Sponsor Videos

If your YouTube channel is very popular and you get a good number of viewers on your channel, then you can earn through the sponsor videos.

You automatically start getting the mails from the related companies for sponsorship. For this, the most important thing that you have to do is to mention your Email ID on your YouTube channel.

Even a sponsorship is a great source of revenue through the YouTube Channel. Sponsor videos are only possible when you have become you become very famous among the audience.

8. Freelancing

Presently, freelancing has become the most popular. When you do not want to get committed to a company for a particular job, then you can always choose freelancing projects.

For Freelancing, you must have an audience base. In videos when you showcase your skills and tell that you will be taking the projects related to the skill, there might be some customers who are looking for the people to get the projects done.

Due to trust, they might instantly hire you for the project. In this way, you can easily reach out to many big projects looking for talent like you. You just need to properly figure out and tell your audience that you are looking for a good project to work on.

How to increase the traffic on YouTube

1. Record call to action in videos

Record a call to action with attractive lines at the end of your video. This will increase loyalty among your view was and also increase your traffic.

2. Add YouTube cards

Whether you are promoting your band or you are an influencer or you are an affiliate marketer you should always go for YouTube cards. YouTube cards are very eye-catching.

Due to this very instant, you get the attention of the viewers who are engaged. You can set the pop of YouTube cards at the perfect time when it will have an impact without distracting the viewers.

3. Add links in video descriptions

Never forget to add links in your video description about the products that you want to sell. Then whether you may be selling your products or you are an influencer who is promoting a particular brand or an affiliate marketer associated with any company doesn’t matter.

With the link, the viewer can instantly land on the product page from where they can buy easily.

4. Build a Unique Content

Build content and work more on it in a way that engages your audience more and more. With the understanding of the audience, you will be able to work better with the brands and the content as well.

You also need to have a look at your competitors on what content they are creating and what keywords are targeting. Which will make your work a bit easy.

5. Other channels

Just because you are putting your content on YouTube doesn’t mean that you cannot use this unique content on any other channel. You should also use and take advantage of other channels out there.

There are many social media channels that can help you to a great extent like Twitter, Facebook Instagram. You can also generate your audience on social media platforms and tell them to visit your YouTube channel and subscribe to it and and the another way to increase your subscribers, So you can use this YouTube subscribe link generator tool. And increase your YouTube subscribers for free.

Final Thoughts

To sum up this was all about how to earn money from Youtube in India. I have shared 8 effective ways to make money from youtube. As well as shared secrets to increasing your traffic on Youtube.

Hope this article was helpful and has a great impact on revenue generation from youtube. For any related queries get back to us by commenting on the comment box. To make money from Instagram you can read how to earn money from Instagram!

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