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Labtrack Login @labtrack.com

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Labtrack Login

Labtrack was founded by Richard Stember in 1996 with a very simple idea that implementing laboratory software should be easy.After working for a decade at big companies implementing CDS and LIMS, he figured out that multiple customers need something simple and cheap, and can be easy to implement. So why should it take a year or more to implement a LIMS? It should be easy.

Labtrack was founded 24 years ago, and the team has worked tirelessly to design products that live up to the creed. Due to this, our products are easier to learn, faster to implement, and have a far lower cost of ownership than our competitors.

Like word processors, the ELN functions are simple and easier to use than most ELNs. It was the first ELN to offer regulatory and legal compliance.

What is Labtrack?

It should not be hard to implement LIMS as multiple systems take years or more to set up. The system of Labtrack takes only a few weeks to set up. It is very easy with our WYSIWYG reports, forms, and menu definition modules. Various functions like spec checking, data management, e-signature, audit trail, and more are already built into these. You can call customer care, or you can ask for a demo.

How can you log in to Labtrack?

  1. In a web browser, open the URL of Labtrack, i.e., the official account.
  2. Here enter your login credentials, i.e., your username and password.
  3. Next, you must click the login button to complete the login process successfully.

How to reset/recover forgot password at Labtrack?

  1. First, open the reset password link in a web browser.
  2. Enter the username in the provided field.
  3. After this, click on the reset password button, and after checking your credentials, the system will send a password reset link to your email ID. Open this link and follow the instructions for completing the process.

After resetting the password, you can log in to the Lab Track account with a new password and user ID.

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Labtrack Lims Software

Labtrack Lims is a cloud bases laboratory software information management system that helps small to large biopharma, food, testing, and manufacturing labs manage samples, make reports, and customize forms. Barcode scanning and printing, test assignment, sample disposal, batch processing, a calendar, permissions based on roles, user account management, and QA approval are some amazing features of Labtrack.

It has a built-in module for defining forms, allowing professionals to create forms by drag and drop elements in the WYSIWYG editor. You can also record details regarding the sample using fields like description, name, date of manufacturing, date of expiration, or lot number.

Administrators can also schedule test groups, handle multiple or single request entries, and track the approvals with Labtrack LIMS. You can also enquire about pricing information, and you can also get help by email or phone.

This is an easy and effective LIS system for keeping track of the samples and figuring out what they are.

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